How to Get Your WordPress Site Indexed By Google Quickly

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After investing tons of time and effort finally you manage to launch a website that is your dream and you want to show your creation to the world. Unfortunately, this is just not the end of the line. The most important fact is still renaming is to make sure that your site is indexed by Google. Without indexing, you will not be exposed to your desired client group. Even though Google has made a huge change in its indexing policy and it is now quite complex to be indexed by Google, some are quite lucky to have to index their site in few hours.

Here you will get some ideas for getting your site quickly indexed by Google.

How To Check If Your Site Is Indexed by Google

You could check either your site is already indexed by Google or not before you start the process. A quick little search hack is shown here:

This will show the pages and content which are already indexed by Google. If your page or site is already indexed you will find the pages and post on the result page.

Have Your Website Ready with Content

It is said that Google is an online library and it houses information in different arrays. If you want to be noticed by Google you need to have enough information on your web pages. Google will scroll your pages and will categorize your site on the basis of the order of information. Therefore the content is the first thing that is included in form of blogs and posts which attract Google. But in this case, one thing must be remembered that Google likes unique and useful content. So you must have some content that will stick to Google when it crawls your site to index.

Create and Submit a Sitemap

As soon as your site is ready with content then you need to get the attention of Google for crawling and indexing and the best way to do this is to submit a site map to Google. Don’t be afraid even though the issue is quite technical, providing a site map is pretty easy. This can be done using some popular plug-ins like Squirrly SEO, Yoast, and even Jetpack you can do the job in a snap.

Verify Your Site on Google Search Console

This step could start right now if you already have a Google Analytics account as well as you need to set up an account with Google search console (previously known as Google Webmasters).

Submit Your Sitemap To Google

After connecting your site to Google Search Console then you need to submit your site map. Thankfully, this part is easy. Just follow the following steps:

  • Login to your Search Console account and scroll down to the options menu Crawl
  • Then Select Sitemap. From the top right corner, click on the button that shows, Add/Text Sitemap.
  • Clicking that will open the option to add the URL to your XML Sitemap.
  • Now add your URL here and submit it.

You are done, now Google will start indexing your site according to the category your site follows.

Social Bookmarking

This is an ancient trick but this could be the best one for sending traffic as well as social media traffic to your website. Fortunately, tools like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and are some great places to start.

Blog Commenting

This trick is outdated but still has some impact on backlinking even though it is not counted as a solid SEO strategy. Informative beneficial comments on top listed blog could make familiar and your new blog as well. You can refer to your site there. This is certainly worth trying since many successful webmasters practices this in 24 hours.

Participate in Social Media Groups

Lots of social media groups are out there where you can join like Facebook, Linked In, and Google Plus, and more. Make some research and join any of them which look helpful. You can add a link to your site to get some traffic.

Start Building Your Own Links

A popular way of building high-quality links is outreach and guest posting. If you are good at writing then you have a couple of options like hiring a writer or guest writer or freelance writer or content marketer. You can also build a personal relationship with professional bloggers to help you out.



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