3 Ways to Get More Conversions Out of Your Website

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When your website is getting enough visitors it seems that everything is going right but you get surprised when you face one critical problem that is you don’t have the desired level of conversion you deserve from your beautiful website. If you are already driving plenty of traffic even the conversion is low then there is something wrong with your website. It may be the design or maybe the layout which is hindering your coming traffic flow to convert into potential clients. A conversion is a complex form and it’s not always related to the beauty of the site it is also interlinked with the user experience.

Here some the tips followed by millions of successful webmasters:

1.Use Landing Pages

You must have a specific landing page for your advertisement so that your traffic could end up on a page that is perfect for them to understand. For instance, suppose you have clicked on an advertisement on the web to buy a laptop computer but the link ends up to the homepage of the advertising company where you will see tons of options and choices but you don’t know what to do now. You are interested to buy a laptop but you entered the jungle of accessories. In such a situation, ordinary buyers usually hit to back button and you lose the buyer. On the other hand, if your ad ends up on a page related to the search then you might have a chance to get a conversion.

Get Scientific

The good conversion ratio is not magic rather it is the heart of scientific testing. At the very first time, you have to make some hypotheses about the elements that your site has which have the biggest impact on the conversion.  Secondly, you need to test the hypothesis one after one.

To ensure that you’re making educated guesses we have placed some start:

Your Headline

From statistics, it is found that about 80% of your audience won’t look at more than your headline which means your headline must be something like to catch people’s attention at the fast sight. So never ever forget to test the efficiency of the headline of your provided advertisement.

Your Offer

People are always attracted to dimensional and unique descriptions and this appeals to them in varieties of ways. The audience may not like the description you generally show so test this as well. You can also change the layout out of your given information and see the effects on CRO.

Your Call-to-Action

Call to Action may affect the attention of different clients differently so you need to play with the size shape and form of the CTA button and its placements.

Your Media

Yes, the outlook is indeed one of the most important facts that could affect the conversion. You must ensure that your site has attractive stunning pictures and videos which may lead to greater conversion. It is said that one picture can say thousands of words and people love to read the page if they find the picture attractive.

Perform Your A/B Test

You could get great and effective results with simple A/B testing. Just take a control version of your site and make a variant test. At first, split your traffic into two parts and see which version gives the best result. Lots of ways are out there to perform such test which is easy, free and safe. Here you will find some assistance in this regard.

Google Content Experiments

This one is free and best. So anyone can start right off the bat. A simple problem is the apps do not give real-time results but whenever you get the result it shows the correct form.


If your target is to test the landing page then Unbounce could be the right choice.  You can start your A/B testing using a plethora of options using the Unbounce with ease.


It costs more than Google but it gives real-time results and will increase the effectiveness of the given result.

Visual Website Optimizer

This tool serves as an intuitive interface and is lower in price than Optimizely. Literally, this tool is one of the best tools on CRO platforms that is utilizing by thousands of professional web developers and marketing planners for advertising.



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