8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

Recently more than 60% of the companies are using video as a tool for marketing. The info graph published by several web research organizations proves that this most powerful media can bring enormous results in no time. The trend of video marketing is approaching faster so you cannot ignore its need.

We understand this actually the newest addition in your promotion toolbox thus you might be in doubt about its effectiveness. Does really this tool is worth considering for your marketing campaign. The answer is yes. It is not that you have to go for it as because most of the business owner is using this rather this tool is most profitable, time-saving and versatile in nature.

You have 8 strong reasons to choose Video as a marketing tool:

  1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

First of all, video can bring you some cash money instantly. One stunning video on the landing page will increase your conversion up to 90% and ensure selling your products right away.

It is already proved by several webmasters that video leads to selling directly. From research, it found that visitors who watch a detailed video on any product subsequently bought it. So why not starting crafting videos for your products from today? Vision is our most sensitive sense and stimulating this sense by creating an exciting video could influence greatly.

  1. Video Shows Great ROI

Most of the businessman says video provides a good return of their investments. It is true that video marketing is not easy and it requires a substantial amount of money to be invested but it pays greater. Nowadays online video tools have become more affordable and easy due to their improved drag and drop interface. Moreover, Smartphones available in the market are great creating for decent video easily.

  1. Video Builds Trust

You might have learned that thrust is the center of conversion and sale. But building trust is not so easy at all. The whole concept of marketing is standing on this video of gaining the trust of new potential clients and building long-term relationships. If you stop selling today and start helping people right today with quality information someday you don’t have to run for traffic either for conversion.

  1. Google Loves Videos

As video increases the total time spent by any visitor that provides a good signal to search engines and search engine believes that your site is full of good content. You will be indexed faster and ranked higher than your competitors if you have a video embedded on your website.

  1. Video Appeals to Mobile Users

Present data of Google shows that the consumption of video on mobile has been increased to 90%. Since people like to watch videos on the go, so smartphone could be the only solution. You might know that user of mobile is growing higher day by day so any website with mobile-friendly video is going to convert the most.

  1. Video Can Explain Everything

Pedagogic says the video is the most effective tool to train anyone as it covers the details and stimulation in perspective of interest. If you are launching a new product craft an exciting video for it and see the result of your own. From a video, a learner could know more on the other handwritten content are boring and could not cover all aspect.

  1. Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

Life of present is too much busy and full of schedule so the buyer has less time to read long description for such buyers it is wise to make some short but effective video. Modern visitors are more likely to see the service in action. Thus video marketing tools could capture a greater number of visitors even the laziest ones.

  1. Video Encourages Social Shares

Most of the popular social media encourages visitors with video content integration. For instance, Facebook has launched 3600 videos, as well as an option for live video, Instagram launched place 60-Second Videos & Instagram Stories, Twitter starter Periscope along with these the name of YouTube should be utter which is most popular video content-based social media. From statistics, it is found that if any video is interesting it encourages sharing faster.


Hopefully from the above discussion, you have already understood that video is the most affordable and effective marketing tool that can be exploited without any doubt. Exciting and informative videos could gain the emotion and build the trust of the respective visitors and spread in a matter of days. Therefore it results in more traffic and obviously more conversion and revenue.

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