Some Simple Strategies to Prevent Ad Blindness

Some Simple Strategies to Prevent Ad Blindness

Ad blindness is considered the most alarming issue among the publisher and marketers since they are losing a greater amount of RPMs. The real scenario is about to 86% of the visitors are utterly blind to the banner advertisements. If you read a few blogs yourself, then you know how easy it is to tune out the ads. There’s no perfect solution to this, but there are few things you can do to avoid ad blindness on your blog. We have identified some strategies which are revolutionary effective thus you can certainly use them to stop ad blindness yourself today.

Here are some of the best tips to help you avoid ad blindness on your blog:

Right Place For Placement of Ads:

Above the fold is always the best option. The best location is near your strongest content. On one of my blogs, I get the best click-throughs with a banner I have on top of each blog post. On another blog, I have a small block of four 125— 125 ads at the top of my right sidebar, just above the categories section. If you use Adsense ads or ads that are generated through keywords, you will have better results if you place them near the appropriate keywords in your blog or on the side panel closest to the content.

Rotate ads Regularly

Successful professional advertisers show the same ads with different designs and sizes. Showing ads in rotation make the visitors feel like they are seeing different. To avoid such a situation we need to present different types of ads and change them frequently. To help you with this issue there are lots of WordPress plug-ins out there that will automatically rotate ads for you. The step will not make your visitors bored and your objectives will be executed.

Maintain Brevity

An excessive number of ads will distract your visitors by spreading their attention and they will fail to get the message you are conveying through your ads. Casting a wider net does not always get you more fish. In fact, when it comes to having too many ads on your blog, it is always necessary to make sure that they don’t make your site messy and unprofessional. Along with this, you need to do some research with various positioning of ads to get the highest conversion from the lowest number of placements.

Be creative

There is nothing that says you have to connect directly to the advertiser’s sales page. Readers usually don’t like to reach a scary sales page right away so create a landing page of your own that will act as a soothing pre-sell page. There is also nothing that says you have to use the advertiser’s banners. We assume that the owner knows what he is doing, but in many cases, they do not pay as much attention to the design of their banners. Create your own eye-catching designs and get more attention.

Grab Attention of Visitors

The most important fact that most of the webmaster usually ignore is the design of the ads. Poorly designed ads reduce the impression and often result in Ad blindness. You need to use tools like Eyetrackshop so that your ads look natural.


People are coming to your site following your content and resources so they will certainly like to watch ads related to content for which they are actually on your site. So you are not getting any conversion from irrelevant ads because visitors are not going to click them at all. You can perfectly handle this by placing your ads on a site that you seem to be perfect for that. If you get the best result then you will be sure about your selection. But remember to place ads related to selling graphic software on the site which has contents regarding graphic design.

In Conclusion

Literally to avoid ad blindness you have to research regularly because it is a continuous process. You need to go through the trial and error method to get the best result. You can follow the above mention ways to manage the ads that best suit your site. You can use anchor text along with banner ads sometimes they get better results than banner ads. The key rule to overcome ad blindness is to be sincere about managing the ads.

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