Getting Rid of SEO Lies and Other BS You’ve Heard

Getting Rid of SEO Lies and Other BS You’ve Heard

It is well known to all that SEO is a dispensable strategy that every web owner needs to follow for gaining traffic to and to motivate the desired clients to a specific page or post. Lots of SEO consultancy firms are out there and doing million-dollar business each year. Unfortunately, there is no certifying agency or regulatory authority to recognize the authentic SEO experts thus the market is full of novice and amateur so-called SEO experts. Literally many of you are taking service of fraud SEO agencies without knowing or justifying anything. Surprisingly the SEO community is unprofessional. They are nourishing wrong and outdated concept about SEO which does not match with the recently updated Google SEO index policy. In one word it can be utter that lots of professional SEO agencies are providing the SEO service without having any basic knowledge, could this bring any positive result?

Guess what? Today in this article you get some ideas about the SEO lies that you must avoid.

Doing Wrong With SEO is Bad for You

Novice or amateur SEO service providers could make you a huge loss with declining traffic. If the SEO expert forgets 301 redirects you lose your raking and indexed pages. Moreover flooding your site with rich anchor text could interfere with the algorithm of search engines. So doing any little wrong could result in huge change and all your attempts will end in smoke. For any wrong step you may kick off from Google search raking and you will lose your clients and revenue as well.

WordPress Plugins is Merely Not Enough for SEO

Believe it or not, SEO plugin actually dons not generate a considerable amount of traffic even many webmasters believe WordPress SEO plugins are the green signal for traffic. To be frank the plugins just shows some suggestion which actually improves your inbuilt efforts about SEO and nothing else. You should remember that the plugins available are just a little part of all of your SEO efforts as the main SEO efforts include many other activities like keyword mapping, content generation, tagging, meta description, site mapping, and others. And SEO needs really hard intervention of lots of planning and tons of time.

BS out of SEO

  • 1. SEO consultant has Personal Relation with Google

Many SEO service providers are out there who claim that they have a personal relationship with the professional of Google and they could help you getting raking over the night. You should not confuse with such foolish words. General SEO experts could not have the same level relationship with professionals of Google so that they could help you out with changing the algorithms and include your site in ranking without doing anything. The following two groups are different in their profession and their relationship is contradictory.

  • 2. SEO Consultants Have all Power to Rank You Top

This is another lie since SEO service provider practices only a few areas of the SEO process. And they can help you little in this regard. Even you alone can do good to your site by working hard for it.

  • 3. They Will Do All the Works of SEO Projects

SEO is not a little task, it requires the teamwork of several experts of different fields and requires different strategies.

  • 4. Algorithms is Familiar to SEO Expert

This is another major lie. Google always change their algorithms and SEO policy and the SEO experts could only guess about the algorithms pattern they cannot be sure about it.

  • 5. SEO needs only Building Links

There is a miss concept that building links is just enough for SEO. It is just a little part of SEO efforts.

  • 6. Content is Not an Important Fact

Content is the mother of the SEO process. All other efforts will end in smoke if you miss providing the content. Google rank and indexes any site based on keywords integrated into content.

  • 7. SEO Can Only be Done By SEO Expert

Anyone can learn SEO and do SEO. Even you can be an SEO expert. It just needs research and efforts to be an SEO expert.

Some real words about SEO are included here that you must believe

  1. SEO is not simple
  2. SEO activities take time to generate a result
  3. SEO requires a constructive plan and implementation properly
  4. SEO needs the owner also work for it
  5. SEO requires education it is not a magic
  6. SEO experts need to have proper knowledge about the niche he is working for
  7. SEO requires user experience to be perfect

In conclusion

The SEO industry has very few genuine SEO experts. So don’t believe in them do whatever you need of your own by educating yourself and thorough proper planning.

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