How To Make Your WordPress Site Social Media Friendly

How To Make Your WordPress Site Social Media Friendly

Social media has been identified as an integral part of the marketing of any business as it acts widely to increase the number of visitors to any website and raking on Google and other search engines. We could easily utilize this media for building your links and take the advantage of SEO by integrating your business website with the persisting social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and others. First of all, your need to make your site friendly with the existing social media so that you could increase brand awareness and boost visibility.  Here you will find some of the tips which  could help you out:

  1. Add Social Media Follow Buttons

You might have seen such buttons on other well-known websites and it is certainly important when your want to build your own website for online presence.  Make sure that your website has such buttons so that you could be more social media-oriented. When any visitor comes to your page he presses the buttons and he gets the blog post on their news feed. Thus visitors will be connected to you intensively. Ensure that your website has Digg, Myspace, and Pinterest buttons along with Facebook and other well-known media.

  1. Add Content Distribution/Recommendation Buttons

Make sure that your website has a content distribution button which is quite useful such buttons will post your content on their favorite social media pages automatically. If any visitor finds your post or article useful he will be able to share your post using the button thus the process to get viral will be much easier than the traditional copy-paste system.

  1. Don’t Forget About The Call To Action

Once you have done with sharing buttons you should go for the call to action button. If you make this button traditional you could not get the advantage as most of the visitor does not notice it. Make sure that your call to action button says follow me on Twitter, Like our page on Facebook, For more information, or something like these. You can also offer weekly discounts, coupon codes, freebies, and more for following you. Such activity is going to stimulate the attention of your upcoming visitors.

  1. WordPress Plug-ins are Source of Power

The  World of WordPress is reaching with tons of plugins for different purposes. Don’t forget to integrate the most suitable plug-in to your site. For instance, the Facebook commenting plugin allows a visitor to make comments about any blog post from Facebook. Surprisingly his activity will appear on the news feed of social media and your content will viral faster.

  1. Select The Right Feeds and Social Media Widgets

Now last, but not least, you can include an activity feed on your own site. This process will give you a chance to share fresh and unique content daily if you choose the right social media feeds and widgets. Your visitor will get feed from the comments made by other people.

In conclusion

Following tips are quite simple but most effective as far as we researched which you can implement undoubtedly to make your blog or website friendly for social media. This wills giive3 you a lead, authority, more visitors, and obviously more revenue.

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