500+ Million Instagram Users Can’t be Wrong, so Maybe it’s Time to Join Them

500+ Million Instagram Users Can’t be Wrong, so Maybe it’s Time to Join Them

Once Facebook and Twitter were considered as the most potential social media for marketing purposes since these two have the highest audience. Over time the statistics have been changed, now social marking has been taken over by Instagram. Presently most of the national and multinational organizations with variant businesses have profiles with Instagram. Unfortunately, most of us ignore this platform due to some misconception pervasive out there. Amazingly the photo and video sharing option of this platform have the ability to enhance the top-level engagement of your target client group. Another interesting feature that may allure is the business-friendly perspective. This platform is changing regularly and evolving with added new features. So undoubtedly Instagram could be a dynamic way of branding your product by ensuring a strong web presence.

Let’s see the steps, how it works:

Development Strategy

First of all, you need to make details plan for marketing strategy on Instagram. For doing this you need to determine a goal like what you expect from Instagram for your business. The first step should be analyzing the target audience, their needs, and their inspiration. A clear understanding of the clients will lead you to success faster. Consider using some professional tools like Demographics Pro could be used for professional research.

Make Sure That You Have Client-Focused Profile

Instagram allows you to create some information about the brand and it will derive huge traffic for sure. But for this, you need to build an easy-to-access profile. Try to follow the given way to make it simple.

Add Business Oriented Username

Give a simple name to your company so that you can be recognized faster. If the company is already determined then choose the best possible name associated with your brand for your profile.

Professional Profile Picture Is a Must

Wisely select your company logo or symbol as a profile picture. It will make your clients aware of your brand identity. You will be recognized by your ID easily.

Don’t Forget to Include a Short bio

Your Bio should as brief as possible and it should not be larger than 150 characters. It can be your brand slogan and outline of the working arena.

Post Visual Content

Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing platform. Visual representations are a crucial fact for this platform since the content is the key to the success of developing a professional profile. You can hire a freelance photographer or professional graphic designer to create visual content which represents the profile that your company follows. Choose a color that is perfectly matched with the brand you are offering. Like the colors, the composition of the images is important so make sure that elements are properly defined.

Don’t Ignore Video Content

What about posting video content along with visual presentation? But the duration of such a video should be limited to 1 minute only. I can be in a form that shares some info or just make a little fun. You need to always remember about the quality, lighting, and sound. When you’re uploading your video, choose its cover wisely. If your cover is interesting, the number of views will drastically increase.

Start Campaign with Instagram ads

Paid advertisement is a great tool for winning the objective of any marketing. Various advertising solutions with three ad formats will help you drive awareness and increase sales. Even if you’re new to advertising, working with Instagram ads will be easy for you.

Tract Improvement with Analytics

For improving the strategy and evaluating the success rate you need to track your success regularly. Let’s see what metrics you should be tracking on Instagram. With the launch of Instagram business tools, you can track most of these metrics within the app itself. Learn more about the behavior and demographics of your audience to improve your content according to their needs.

In Conclusion

Maintaining an appropriate strategy could bring you the desired level of success and keep it to a sustainable level. So never ever ignore Instagram when you are in a campaign of digital marketing.

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