Wedding WordPress Theme – Wedding Plus Pro

Wedding WordPress Theme – Wedding Plus Pro

Literally wedding is the most special day of any human life. So everyone wants the program to be organized perfectly. And truly this happens once in a lifetime. But planning and execution of such program is not just simple. Are you one of these wedding organizers? Don’t you have your own wedding website yet? Then it’s time for you to level up your brand name. It’s time for you to keep up with your competitors. This is simply possible with the Wedding Plus WordPress Theme Pro.

The Wedding Plus WordPress Theme is an all-in-one wedding website template. This WP theme is specially built for solution providers like you. With this theme installed in your wedding website, you’ll be able to extend your services to those couples planning for their wedding.

Wedding Plus WordPress Theme Pro is an elegant responsive WordPress theme with a fashionable tender look. It’s designed for an individual wedding planner, wedding planning agency, or any event management companies which arrange and decorate parties, meetings, conferences.

Why should You Buy This Wedding Plus WordPress Theme Pro?

Niche Based Design

We have studied a lot and understood the needs of such types of organization and companies and finally we have designed to Wedding Plus WordPress Theme Pro. We are presenting a ready to use WP theme with all the features and integration that wedding planning agency, an individual wedding planner, or any event management companies which arrange and decorate parties, meetings, conferences. And did I mention earlier that this Wedding Plus WordPress Theme Pro  can help you save on website expenses? Of course, that’s because the Wedding Plus WordPress  Theme Pro is quite easy to set up and customization. And most lucrative fact is that you don’t need to get any professional website developer to manage and customize your site indeed. It includes 19 demo templates to match the needs of dynamic business of yours. You can have all the demo data with a mouse click. And because this Wedding Plus WordPress Theme Pro has custom CSS feature. That you can easily make some tweaks yourself, even if you have very little coding knowledge. This WP theme is powered with large stunning Slider on homepage that allow displaying all the relevant content and beautiful photograph of wedding parties with minimal labor using smooth transition effects.

Responsive Mobile Optimized View

You might have lots of clients in instance and need to welcome them warmly through your site to convert them greatly. Lots of your target clients will be too busy to visit your site for just an inquiry. They will be most likely checking your website first through their mobile phones. Strength of this wedding website template is its fully responsive layout. Your wedding website remains stunning, eye-catching, and beautiful even when viewed on small screens.

Beautiful Gallery

One big plus to a wedding website is presentation of images. This is especially true on the homepage. This is also a must in your gallery page. You’ll be pleased to know that this wedding website template has a built-in image gallery. This feature allows you to upload, create, and view pictures. You can upload even videos of all those clients on their special day. Even first time visitors won’t be able to resist trying your services once they see your awesome works.

Social media Integration

And where do we go to whenever we want to share our special moments? Social Media, of course! You’ll be pleased to know that this Wedding Plus website template has a ready design for almost all social media. This feature makes it a lot easier for you to connect your social media pages to your website. With this, you’ll be able to reach more people and present all the services you offer.

SEO and Retina Friendly codes

This weeding theme is programmed with SEO needs in mind thus the template uses semantic code that let you easily find your site on web. This WP template comes with Retina Ready graphics to provide crisp look with high pixel density on all device and adapts to all display resolution.

Try Free Version of Wedding Plus WordPress Theme Pro

We believe in client satisfaction and consider quality servicing in first. The free version of   Wedding Plus WordPress Theme is open to all for downloading and creating related website regardless of any terms of use. Before you make up your mind to use the premium version with advanced web integration you are requested to have a trial of the free version. Make us learn if you face any problem while installing and customizing the theme. Feel free to call us when you need any technical assistance.