0) Introducktion

Kutub Pro is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It is best for any of business website. The theme is fully responsive. It have video background and parralax effect.

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1) Install Theme

Please flow this guide to install WordPress Theme https://tallythemes.com/how-to-install-wordpress-theme-from-admin-dashboard/

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2) Install Plugins

Please flow this guide to install WordPress Theme https://tallythemes.com/install-recomandate-plugins-theme/

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3) Import Sample Data

Please flow this guide to Import Sample Data https://tallythemes.com/import-sample-data-v2/

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4) Upgrading from Free to PRO version

Please Watch the video.

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5) Theme Customize

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6) Adding Logo

You can Upload an image to use as your logo to fill this location of the theme within the Appearance-> Customize  -> Site Header -> Logo. There you will also find option to upload an image

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7) Typography & Google Fonts

To edit the font size and use google font please GO Appearance-> Customize  -> Typography. 


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8) Colors & Background

If you are a PRO version user you have option to changes colors and Background.

For Header Area you need to go Appearance-> Customize  -> Site Header -> Header Colors & BG

For Site Footer you need to go Appearance-> Customize  -> Site Footer -> Footer Colors & BG

For Site Content you need to to Appearance-> Customize  -> Site Content -> Color & Background

For Sub-header please go Appearance-> Customize  -> Site Sub header


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9) Remove Footer Credit

If you are a PRO version user you can change or remove Footer Credit text and Link. To do this please go Appearance-> Customize  -> Site Footer -> Content & Settings

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10) Tally Homepage Control

This theme support Tally Homepage Control . This plugin will enable home page content Control option. It will allow you to customize/edit predefined home page content. We have included a PRO Adds-Ons plugin for PRO version user. This PRO Add-ons add some extra functionality and unlimited customization and design opportunity. Please follow this guide https://tallythemes.com/how-to-use-tally-homepage-control/ 

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11) Home and Blog page

Create a new page call Home and a page for Blog. Now go to Settings -> Reading and change the setting of Front page displays to "A Static Page" select Front Page as Home and Post page as Blog

Home Page Content:

If you want to use TallyBuilder content to home page Please follow the guide of the link next https://tallythemes.com/how-to-use-tally-homepage-control/

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12) Page Templates

The theme come with 4 custom template, Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar and Tally Builder

Left Sidebar: This template will show sidebar to left.

Right Sidebar: This template will show sidebar to right.

No Sidebar: This template will not show  any sidebar sidebar.

Tally Builder: If you want to show content from Tally Builder you have to use this template

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13) Manage Site Menu

Please read about it here: Setup Menu of our Theme

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14) Updating the theme

Please follow the guide to know about theme update https://tallythemes.com/updating-wordpress-theme/

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